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Eel broth in Comacchiese way

An eel recipe with a second name: eel broth a becco d'asino (in a donkey beak way).

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Thistles with cream recipe

A quick recipe wrote in 1930.

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Steam cooking and pressure cooking

Tricks and curiosities among the pots: do we really know how steam and pressure cook?

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Cooking by boiling

Is it the easiest way to cook for beginners?

#Rice with #rosemary #recipe

Rice with rosemary recipe

A very quick recipe with the Basmati rice.

#Pasta with red #Radicchio (red #chicory) #recipe

Pasta with red Radicchio (red chicory) recipe

Pasta, olives and the powerful Treviso red chicory.

The #Risotto with #saffron #recipe (or Yellow Risotto)

The Risotto with saffron recipe (or Yellow Risotto)

The world wide known "Risotto giallo".

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