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Italian Castagnaccio (chestnut flour cake) recipe

In Italy we call it "castagnaccio" and it is a cake made with chestnut flour. Nowadays we find castagnaccio in many autumn festivals and we consider it as a cake, but in the past castagnaccio was a poor dish of the Apennines area where chestnuts were a staple food of rural populations.

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Chestnuts: a nutritional overview

Do you know that chestnuts contain zero cholesterol and very little fats?

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Cappellacci of chestnuts from Castel del Rio

Our friend Claudia sent us a great recipe for a kind of ravioli that will impress you!

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Chestnuts (Marroni) of Castel del Rio

An European delicacy!

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The Mont Blanc dessert recipe

A dessert often served in the home of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia.

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