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The Pomegranate jam recipe

A charming and unique jam made with the fruit of the fall season.

The pomegranate is a fruit typical of the fall season: its shape, very similar to that of a red apple, contains an infinite number of grains with a sweet and sour aftertaste. Let's use it to make a charming and unique jam!

The pomegranate

Ingredients for the pomegranate jam

  • 7 or 8 pomegranates;
  • enough sugar (described below);
  • 2 apples to use as a thickener;
  • 5 or 6 glass jars.

Difficulty of preparation


Preparation time

About 45 minutes.



Preparation of the pomegranate jam

Choose ripe pomegranates because more tender and tasty; open them with a knife by making an incision on the skin throughout the fruit.

Take a large bowl and grainy pomegranates, taking care to remove all the yellow parts and the skins around the grains, which could make your marmalade bitter.

Pass the grains with a mill for vegetable, or a potato masher or alternatively whip them. Strain the liquid through a strainer in order to have only the juice.

At the end of that process, weigh the juice that should be about 1 kg (so use so many pomegranates in order to have 1 kg of juice) and pour it into a pot of steel thick-bottomed pan with high edges and add an amount of sugar equal to the weight of your juice. If you want a less sweet juice, reduce the amount by half.

To avoid the use of chemical thickeners used the natural pectin from apples, that you cut into small pieces and place in saucepan.

Boil everything for 30 minutes and cook on high heat. Be careful and mix often with a wood ladle to prevent the jam to stick to the bottom.

When you hear the jam is noisy, because it is in a state of boiling, that means it's ready. To be sure it has the right consistency, take a spoon and pour it on a plate and if it coagulates quickly, then you can turn off the heat.

Take the glass jars that you can easily find in a household articles shop or you can use the jars of vegetables to save money.

To sterilize place them in a pot of boiling water and leave on the heat for 30 minutes.

Fill the jars of hot jam, leaving 1 cm free from the rim of the jar and close it hermetically. Close the jars tightly and boil them in a water bath for 30 minutes. Leave them to cool in their water. Let them cool and put a label with the name of the jam and the day on which you have packed.

Store the jars in a cool, dry place away from the sun. Once opened, should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 6 or 7 weeks.


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