All about pizza, part 3

Light version pizza, pizza effect, frozen pizza… Some intriguing facts that will leave you wowed!

There is always something more (maybe) to learn! Here are some peculiar facts that will satisfy your extreme curiosity for this delicious and versatile food.

We already told you how pizza was born. Remember? We owe it to the Neapolitan Raffaele Esposito, who, in 1889, made a tricolor pizza to celebrate Queen Margherita’s visit to the city: the green of basil, the white of mozzarella and the red of tomato sauce. That’s the story of pizza Margherita’s birth.

Pagliacci Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza and the Americans

Americans didn’t have to wait too long to eat one in their own country. In 1905, the first pizzeria was opened by – guess!! – a Neapolitan emigrant in New York City. Therefore, this “virus” so inoculated didn’t find any resistance at all…on the contrary, Americans’ love for pizza led them to revisit it and create many toppings. Their favorite pizza seems to be the Pizza Pepperoni (with hot salami).

Pizza has become such a characteristic feature in Americans’ DNA that every year, in June, a competition among the fastest pizza makers from all over the world is organized. Italy too – obviously – doesn’t lack of various pizza championships, such as the World Pizza Maker Championship held in September.

Pizza has become such an appreciated food on a global scale to give place to the so-called “pizza effect”. Basically, when something becomes so famous abroad first and then, as a consequence, it is rediscovered and revaluated in its homeland.

How to buy pizza all over the world

The object of our desires has even been frozen to be sent via air from a pizzeria in the Alaskan city Nome to the nearby villages lacking in pizzerias. And what to say about the wonderful booking and delivery service that spares many lazy people from going out on a freezing evening to get their pizza?

Thanks to a Pizza Hut branch in Santa Cruz that invented it in 1994, we can now book pizzas online! But it’s dutiful to mention the first attempt made by Sergey Brin, who in the mid 90’s tried to offer the booking service through Internet, but using restaurants’ fax. An experiment that clearly didn’t meet public’s favor if he then founded Google…

Pizza @ Home

Pizza: tips and tricks

Afraid to always receive the smallest slice of pizza? Take this tip! According to scientific research, when sharing a pizza and supposing that two people take alternate slices, at least one cut should pass across the center of it to have slices of the same size. So, next time it will be you to cut pizza, right?

And for those who don’t care much about the size of a slice, but more about calories, here’s good news. It has been found that replacing wheat flour with a cereals and legumes one doesn’t affect pizza’s flavor, but it brings 30% of its calories down. Maybe, it will do the same with the most traditionalist pizza fans’ mood though.

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