La cena delle Stelle in Taormina, Sicily

The Opson Restaurant in Taormina (Sicily) hosts the 2nd Edition of "La Cena delle Stelle": a twofold appointment to celebrate the excellence in Italian cuisine.

Monday 30th June will see a repeat of "La Cena delle Stelle" appointment at the Opson restaurant, on the spectacular terrace of the Hotel Imperiale in Taormina. The event is part of the CENE CHIC 2014 circuit, organised by CHIC - Charming Italian Chef - in some of the most renowned restaurants in the country.

Fabio Baldassarre, one Michelin star and at the helm of OpsoN, will serve up his signature dish, as well as hosting six famous Italian chefs, fellow members of CHIC, renowned for their professionalism:

  • Pietro D’Agostino - La Capinera in Taormina - 1 Michelin Star
  • Vincenzo Candiano - Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa - 2 Michelin Stars
  • Carmelo Trentacosti - Cuvée du Jour, G.H. Villa Igea in Palermo
  • Sebastiano Lombardi - Relais La Sommità in Ostuni (BR) - 1 Michelin Star
  • Paolo Barrale - Marennà in Sorbo Serpico (AV) - 1 Michelin Star
  • Stefano Masanti - Il Cantinone in Madesimo (SO) - 1 Michelin Star

A date for gourmands which will see some of the most illustrious chefs from Sicily and other regions in Italy crafting their magic in the kitchen to provide a sumptuous aperitif and a seven-course menu, characterized by the expressive harmony and flavours of their creativity, accompanied by carefully selected fine wines.

The aim of the dinner is to allow access to all to high-level cuisine, offering the opportunity to savour, in a single evening, dishes from the diverse traditions of regional Italian gastronomy in a charming and exclusive setting. Lending their support to the CHIC chefs in this event are some partner firms whose products embody excellence in the restaurant field: Selecta, Koppert Cress, De Cecco, Riso Buono La Mondina, Acqua Valverde, Distribuzione Vini Balan.


Picture of Taormina by gnuckx, released under Creative Commons license.

The best is yet to come...

Tuesday 1st July, as the ideal continuation of this exclusive gastronomical experience, CHIC is organising an event reserve for professional chefs and those operating in the restaurant sector, at the Pietro D’Agostino Cooking Lab (Sicilian Food Academy) in Via Pirandello, 61, Taormina.

A new, convivial travelling formula, named the “In The Kitchen Tour”, presented for the second year by the CHIC association, the aim of which is to bring together chefs in a fun-filled jam session in the kitchen, with all their gastronomical know-how, to talk about and get to know products of quality, to study them, experiment with them and use them in innovative creations.

The set-up, whilst maintaining its entertaining and stimulating aspect, doesn’t change; each leg of the tour will see the involvement of chefs who best represent their territory, companies with their products, bloggers and journalists who will take part, observe and talk and write about their impressions through new social media.

Besides the previously mentioned nationally renowned partner companies Selecta, Koppert Cress, Riso Buono La Mondina, Acqua Valverde, the event will also see the contribution of FSG (with Steelite e Rona), Trabo (with Arcos, Isi and Kisag), Mauviel; in addition, companies that are symbolic of territorial excellence will be making appearances in the regions they represent. An opportunity to exchange ideas, to learn, to create and to taste...

Contacts, informations and reservations

Opson restaurant - Hotel Imperiale Taormina - , Taormina
– Tel.

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